¿About Us?

The team of SBC Group has more than 12 years in the industry entertainment. Our experience permanent contact with hotels and guest needs us It allows developing creative and innovative products delivering quality solutions.
We are a trusted partner that seeks to continuously improve hospitality services and hotel experience.

¿What We Do?

We create intelligent solutions for a better experience hotel. We seek to secure the hotels and guest satisfaction its interactive needs. We are at the forefront the technology that our customers looking for entertainment generate more revenue and reduce costs.

360NET services include:

• Application for mobile free download that allows to know and request hotel services in a simple and efficient.
• Integral WiFi solution that ensures the internet connection of users.
• Marketing platform and digital information that transmits to its clients promotions, products, events, videos and climate among other services.

A centralized management platform and management content modules 360NET (iHotel - WiFi - iDisplay). Its easy access and allow real-time updates create for its guests a unique experience. - Create unlimited ads and services. - You can send notifications and alerts to email or SMS

The correct design, implementation and configuration WiFi networks have a key role in the stability and robustness solutions and services to guests connect to the Internet. More and more devices are connected to the Wireless networks having to be robust team will acces point to manage connected devices knowing all this range of actions, avoid future problems. 360NET guarantees coverage throughout the hotel.

Professional technical service

360NET offers online remote monitoring, reducing potential problems and accelerating repair.

Internet services

We provide internet access High speed that is available for residents and visitors of the hotel. the user you can select different plans rates depending on the required speed and stay. Customers of bars and restaurants, that currently do not stay in the hotel can also take advantage of this service. 360net works on all systems hotel management.

Secure Access

All information is transferred through an encrypted network. No configuration is required. No need to configure devices Guest.
360net works with fully flexible business models with personalized proposals for all types of customers: from a hotel boutique to large chains. The resilience and transparency of our proposals allows each customer chooses the alternative best fits your needs and budget.



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